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Dirty Hippie - Tooth Powder Mint 40gm (Vegan)

Dirty Hippie - Tooth Powder Mint 40gm (Vegan)

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One thing that has been a long time problem is finding a suitable toothpaste for everyone. The "natural" ones often still had not so great stuff in them. The trickiest ingredient to find a toothpaste without seems to be glyceryn.
So I decided to create a Tooth Powder, a Re-mineralising one full of good stuff. I usually have trouble with the kids being quite picky on what they will scrub their mouths with but this was a winner!
The purpose of this powder is to clean the teeth really well and add minerals back into the teeth, and it has the added bonus of whitening the teeth too.
Organic Bentonite Clay, Organic Baking Soda, Himalayan Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal, Ground Organic Peppermint.

(Please be aware this is not a strong flavour, it's a mild flavour as I do not use essential oils for internal use including in the mouth, there is quite a lot of Mint in this but it doesn't give a strong flavour only mild.)

Tooth Powder comes in a glass jar, you can either dampen toothbrush and dip in or shake a little onto the lid or onto your toothbrush.
Re-fills and samples come in paper.
You can also mix this powder up with coconut oil if you prefer a paste.
Also available in Cinnamon.
Toothbrushes sold seperately.